Sourcing Services

Part of Herkas Group Indonesia scope of services is sourcing. With our wide web of connections all over archipelago of Indonesia we are capable of finding the right product directly from the manufacturer. Indonesia consists of many islands and each destination specializes in different products. With our 20 years of experience with trading commodities we can help you with sourcing iron wood singles form Kalimantan, the best teak from Sulawesi, stone and marble products from Java or handicrafted items from Bali, just to name a few. We cater to both wholesale and individual customers. We assist with product development, quality checking and arrange sourcing trips.

Sample development

We believe in most efficient and quickest way of providing our customers what they are looking for – we provide or develop a sample and deliver it together with competitive quotation and realistic time frame of finalizing the order. We have proved our experience to deliver on our commitments.

Efficient Communication

With years of experience we have learnt how important it is to be able to translate the vision of designers and engineers to our builders and suppliers so that they understand the blueprint and design. It takes much more than just overcoming language barrier to achieve final outcome up to our customer satisfaction. It takes years of experience, good working relationships with our suppliers and most of all choosing the right ones to do the job.

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